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We seek a strategic positioning aimed at extending the comprehensive range of products and markets for cross and organized integration, always based on the satisfaction of customer needs. We promote and support synergies with suppliers thereby contributing to increased exports of Portuguese products. We offer our customers a coordinated management, meeting the compliance of legal, technical and regulatory frameworks.

Export Unit for CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries)

Initiated in 2012 , this unit seeks to be guided by the excellence and quality of services , fulfilling all the requirements for compliance with Good Distribution Practices , being determining factors for growth , recognition and reliability .
We export medicines and hospital supplies for the Portuguese speaking world ( CPLP ) , which covers both generic, innovative medicines, medical and laboratory devices , totaling about 2000 references , both own brands or represented .

Also in 2012 , performed the internationalization of Goldfarma through operations in Goldfarma Mozambique SA and Goldfarma S. Tome and Principe SA .

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Goldfarma Mozambique SA

Goldfarma Sao Tome and Principe SA

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  Av. Professor Doutor Augusto Abreu Lopes nº 53 B Lj A
2675-301 Odivelas, Portugal
  + 351 219 346 450
  + 351 219 346 459

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