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The constipation is defined as infrequent and delayed emission (less than three stools per week) of abnormally hard stools, dry and often difficult to expel.

Constipation is a very common problem and can cause great discomfort.

Constipation causes:

1.Factors related to lifestyle

  • Insufficient fluid consumption
  • Diet poor in fibers
  • Physical inactivity
  • Stress
  • To ignore the urge of defecate

2. Endocrine, psychiatric and neurological disorders.

3. Side effects of medication

Constipation treatment

  • Increase fluid intake
  • Diet rich in fiber
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Do not ignore the reflection of defecation
  • Keep regular bathroom behavior

If these  mesures do not solve the problem you must do a pharmacological treatment for obstipation.


Examples of food rich in fibers:

Cereals: bran, flakes, bread and integral cookies.

Fruit: plus, peach, fruit pulp, tropical fruits.

Vegetables: cabbage, bean, chickpea, pea, broad bean, salads.


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