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Magnesium and Sports

Magnesium and Sports

Magnesium is an essential mineral to help our body function properly. It participates in innumerous functions of our organism, namely in energy production, muscle function, reduction of tiredness and fatigue, etc.

As a result of a busy lifestyle of today, stress and exercise, the amount of this mineral in our bodies is not sufficient and something requires the use of food supplements.

More specifically athletes in intense periods of exercise have huge losses of magnesium through sweeting. This losses are significantly high in athletes in comparison with sedentary people which increases the needs of magnesium.

A magnesium depletion framework leads to muscle cramps, hypertension and coronary and cerebral vasospasms. Magnesium deficiency in physical performances leads to more severe muscle injuries.

The regulation of the functioning of the muscles and cellular regeneration are essential in sportspeople.


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